What is this?

HappyLand is an old style bulletin board system, similar to what you may have dialed into in the 1980s - 1990s, except this one is on the internet.

Using telnet and SSH to reproduce the dialup style interface look and feel, and also a web interface for members which can be accessed via any web browser.

How do I connect?

Connecting is easy! You will need a ANSI compatible Telnet or SSH client. MagiTerm is what I use. Then add an entry for HappyLand with the hostname magickabbs.com and for telnet, a port of 2023 or SSH a port of 2024.

If all that sounds too hard, you can just use the built in web terminal client by clicking Connect in the menu up top. This web client uses telnet over WSS, which means it is encrypted - so no need to worry about snoopers!

If you decide to connect via SSH, enter new as both the username and password to get a signup form, then in subsequent logins, use your BBS username and password to log in.

What can I do?

You can participate in global message networks like FSXNet and SciNet. You can download / upload files (nothing illegal please!). You can chat with others online. You can play online games.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to do is participating in global message networks. Hundreds of Bulletin Board Systems connected and passing messages back and forth, on all sorts of topics!

If you're looking to share a creation, you can upload it into the file areas, and subject to approval it will be added for others to download. Downloading can be done via ZModem, or via a generated web url.

HappyLand is host to many "doors" written by myself, which you can play with or against other players on the system. Some are single player as well