The Grinning Cat

Fri Oct 22 2021 13:01:00 GMT+1000

I've set up a new Talisman BBS running on Windows 10 64-bit as I've been wanting to test the windows version a bit more thoroughly.

It's called "The Grinning Cat" and is running on a computer at home, so it might be down every now and then due to thunderstorms, power outages etc.

You can connect here: telnet:// or ssh://

Welcome to Noddy

Sun Oct 10 2021 15:48:00 GMT+1000

I've been working on replacing my static website with something I've come up with using nodejs + expressjs + pug.

I've called it Noddy.

Eventually I'd like to have the ability to log into the BBS via the web browser and read mail, download from file bases etc.

For now though, I'm happy with it the way it is.

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